Fairfield National Bank offers a full array of financial products and services, including Internet Banking, Debit Cards, Automated Teller Machines, and Direct Deposit, to make banking more convenient for our customers. Below is a partial listing of additional products and services Fairfield National Bank has to offer.


Online Banking with Fairfield National Bank gives you fast, simple and convenient control over your money. Online banking is free and includes:

  • Real-time Balances – View your personal account and loan balances
  • Account History – View checking and savings account history
  • Check Image – View the front and back of cleared checks
  • Transfer Funds – Set up scheduled or repeating transfers between accounts
  • Secure Messaging – Send and receive secure communications from the bank
  • Download History – Download account history

Get started with Online Banking:


Set up recurring payments, pay bills, and transfer money without the hassle of writing a check or paying for postage.  Bill pay can be set up through online or mobile banking.

  • Faster Payment – some payees will receive payment days earlier.
  • Easy Navigation – your information is organized.
  • Convenient Payment History – view your pending transactions or payment history with just the click of a button.

Go green with e-Statement delivery. Your statements are available online, with history building up to 18 months. You can also download your statements onto your computer for long-term access. This method expedites statement delivery, eliminates the hassle of storing paper statements, and provides you with a convenient and secure storage system. No additional fees apply. To enroll:

  1. Log into your online banking account.
  2. Click on the Account for which you want to set up online statements.
  3. Click on “Statements” under the Account Services section.
  4. Follow prompts to accept agreement and complete. Process must be completed separately on each account for which you wish to receive online statements.

Now you can easily manage your finances on the go with mobile banking!  FNB’s mobile app allows the same functionality as online banking:

  • Get account balances
  • View recent transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Bill pay
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Find ATMs and branches

To sign up for mobile banking, search for “Fairfield National Bank” in the app store, or click on the applicable button below to be automatically directed.  After downloading the app, sign in using your online banking User ID and Password.  If you don’t have an online banking User ID and Password, just click “Enroll”.

available on the app store android app on google play



Whether traveling around the world or just across town, you’ll find your Debit MasterCard from Fairfield National Bank can offer indispensable services. It’s the checking-withdrawing-depositing-and transferring-funds card all in one.

NOTE – If you are planning to be out of the area, please let us know the dates and states through which you will be travelling. We will place a Travel Note on file to help prevent any delays with debit card transactions while you are out of town.


Individuals: Fairfield National Bank accepts all direct deposits for our customers. You have the ability to distinguish how much of each direct deposit goes into what account.

Businesses: A business may want their employees to receive their payroll not in checks, but as a direct deposit through their checking/savings account. This can be accomplished through our electronic department.

Stop by or call 618-842-2107 and talk with us about direct deposit today.


ATM Locations:

  • Fairfield National Bank, 220 East Main, Fairfield, IL 62837
  • Bean Capital Banking Center, 100 North Main, Wayne City, IL 62895
  • Fairfield Memorial Hospital, 303 NW 11th, Fairfield, IL 62837
  • Bobcat Den, 130 Market Avenue, Fairfield, IL 62837
  • Knapp Citgo, 308 W. Delaware St., Fairfield, IL  62837
  • Tri-County Banking Center, 119 S Middle St, Grayville, IL 62844
  • Discount Food Mart, 22797 E IL Hwy, Bluford, IL 62814
  • Rest Up Camping & RV Corral, 200 Koehler St, Grayville, IL 62844

Fairfield National Bank customers can initiate wires via the Internet or by telephone or fax. Below are the fees associated with wire transfers:


Fund transfers are transfers initiated by customers between their Fairfield National Bank accounts. Transfers can be made via the Internet and post automatically to your account or can be made via telephone or fax and will be processed through our bookkeeping department.


As a merchant who accepts payments by MasterCard and Visa, you may not only increase the purchasing power of your customer, but you also do not have the risk of accepting bad checks. In addition, through electronic data capture, your deposits are credited to your account electronically within 48 hours. Stop by the main bank or call 618-842-2107 and talk with us to learn more about our Mastercard/Visa Merchant Service.


Ever wonder why U.S. Savings Bonds stay so popular in America’s ever changing financial landscape? The answer is easy…savings bonds are a great way to save and buying bonds regularly is one of the easiest ways to invest today so you can enjoy tomorrow!

Further details on U.S. Savings Bonds is just a click away: