Growth and success take hard work and great ideas. It also helps to have ready access to credit. That’s why Fairfield National Bank offers a wide range of financing options to meet your borrowing needs.

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If you are in business, then you know that having a banking relationship that can provide short and intermediate term loans can be crucial for general operating expenses, or inventory, machinery and equipment purchases.

If in a growth or expansion mode, you may also need a long-term loan to finance or refinance additional buildings, make improvements or purchase more land.

Whatever your business loan needs, regardless of the size of your business, FNB is here with the options, experience and time to hear your plans and to help provide viable loan options to get there.

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All of us at FNB know the important role that our local farm community provides to our area. Just like any business, there comes a time when new equipment is required or repairs need to be made in order to see that the overall investment and effort is protected. That is why we offer short-term loans for such things as operating needs, to long-term loans that may help in making improvements, or refinancing. Have a need or a question about an agricultural loan? Stop in and speak to any of our experienced loan officers.

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Depending on your financial position, sometimes buying is not the best thing. That’s why FNB also offers leasing programs that provide a variety of options for our commercial, agricultural and government customers. Leasing programs offer a variety of payment plans, and many may provide tax advantages on equipment and machinery purchases. To see if leasing may be a viable option for you, stop in and see one of our knowledgeable loan officers.

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One of the biggest challenges that many small businesses face in today’s economic conditions is that of cash management. As the area’s largest and locally owned bank, we are always on the lookout for creative services that can offer solutions for our local businesses. One such service is our Business Manager – offering you a simple way to turn your receivables into ready cash.

Sound interesting? If so, see how easily you can get started and how quickly you can free up your cash flow by just stopping in and asking about Business Manager.

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This open-end line of credit is tied to your checking account and is accessed when the checks you write exceed the available balance in your checking account. Not only does this product serve as overdraft protection, but it can also be used as a personal line of credit. You may apply for a line as low as $1,000 up to a maximum of $3,000 and you only pay interest on the amount you have accessed.

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